Nixie Foster

Nixie Foster;

My mission is to change the world through words, stardust, and dandelions with a dusting of books. 

I am Nixie Foster, a storyteller, poet, writer, author, and illustrator.

My mission is to change the world through words, stardust, and dandelions with a dusting of books.

I used to think that endings were the hardest thing, but now I realise that it isn’t the ending, but the new beginning on the horizon. It has taken time for me to share the truth of my soul to the world and a journey of turbulence and love. As I carve out the space inside of me that no longer belongs I can feel the freedom from the painful things that froze my writer’s soul. I am opening up the library of stories inside of me. Please take those stories that call to you, inspire you, light a flame for you and enjoy.

You will find poetry, stories, mumblings, and children’s tales.
For now this is a place to explore my writing and enjoy a connection, but soon there are opportunities to be part of the storytelling. So please do connect with me on the platform you feel aligned with.


Moon Gazing Empowerment Journal

This journal will guide you into working with the 8 moon phases and the actions and energies associated with each. Taking you through six months of lunar cycles to give you a deep grounding and understanding of how being in alignment with the moon empowers you to create sustainable positive changes to your life. Filled with helpful prompts, meditative colouring and guided reflection based on the moons cycle this journal invites you to set intentions, create change and manifest your desires.

Seasoned With Empowerment Book 1

Bringing women together to create a book of empowerment and inspiration aims to be an inspiration for other women to begin to use their voices. It all starts with one word, one sentence and then we will be SHE ALOUD – just hear our roar! So welcome to Seasoned With Empowerment, buckle up and enjoy the ride as you experience a roller-coaster of emotions, experiences, and triumphs.

Little Moon's Sahain Adventure

Little Moon's Samhain Adventure is the first in a series of books based on the Eight Turns of the Wheel. The idea was sparked when I couldn't find an early years story telling the tale of our family celebrations. The stories follow our own families personal pagan celebration, traditions and the characters found in the myths, legends and folklore around each festival. Both story and images are designed to spark a child's imagination as well as give a glimpse of Pagan culture.

The Story Of The Gonks

The Gonks are about and that can only mean its time for fun and cheer. A beautiful book for Christmas, Yule and Winter Holidays. Discover the origin of the Gonks and how they come to be in our homes at this special time of the year. Aimed at early years and key stage one children this book sparks your child's imagination through the fun narrative and beautiful illustrations. As the first book in The Gonk Kindred series you will meet some of the Gonks who are bursting with excitement to tell their own tale.

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