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Every month in the Holistic Storytelling Community there is an opportunity to create a poem from the everyday ordinariness of a women’s life. Given a journal prompt the women create magic from ordinary. Because hey, let’s face it women are extraordinary. 

The aim of this blog is to give a platform for women’s voices to begin to be heard. Not just for standing out as either a celebrity to worship, a victim to honor, or a successful woman focused on by the media to aspire to; but for the normal amazingness of women.

There was a time when women were respected, honored, held in esteem for just being women. Women were thought of as wise advisors, holders of knowledge, heritage and the keepers of traditions. Love, nurturing and guidance were all sought in the voice of women. Then came a corruption in the masculine energies that feared the power of woman. This brought a time when women’s voices were silenced, the witch trials where tongues were cut out and women pitted against each other. Those voices are being unlocked; one word, one sentence, one voice at a time.

June 2023 - The First Morning Cuppa

Jen Griffiths

The first cuppa is often a must for most,
but for me it’s just like having toast.

My body says no to wheat or caffeine,
but there must be something I can have that makes me beam?

I’m happy with my water pint!
Fresh from the tap and to my wallet is kind.

To truly start my day the right way,
A bowl of fancy porridge also sets up my day!

Colette Malcolm

That first morning cuppa sets the tone for the day.
Embracing the silence and wondering what will be coming my way.
I grab my pen and ponder what to write.
Maybe it should be about my plans for the day or thoughts of the night.
Perhaps all I’m grateful for and all that I’m letting go.
I take a sip of that coffee and I let it all flow.

Claire Walsh-Jones

I wake with a thirst.

Dry mouth, euuugh!

Did an elephant shit in my mouth while I was asleep?

Tastes like it.

My throat, dryer than a dead dingos donger!

I don’t like tea.

I don’t like coffee.

What will quench this early morning thirst?

Water. Crisp, cool water.

Straight from our well.


I gulp down the hydrating liquid and feel my mouth moisten.

Ahhhh bliss

Leah Plamer

Black coffee in the morning to start off the day,

I can’t function any other way,

Moody, grumpy, can’t talk to you today,

Please pass me my coffee and go away,

Electricity sent pulsing through me as the coffee goes down,

Two of these, I’m set! Now to put on my crown.


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